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What does design mean to me?

I'm Carmen San Gabino Alzola, I'm an Interior, Furniture and interior Yacht designer. I base my life experience on innovation and creative passion. The role of design is the pursuit of social welfare. Through design we are able to achieve an improvement of humanity and daily tasks. Design makes life more attractive to live and to experience. I look for functionality, winning the battle against the routine barriers of everyday life. 


The challenge that fascinates me the most is the quest for innovation while improving functionality. I have to capture the essence, taking the creative process and applying esthetic and practical solutions that captivate the public. My main motivation is the search of social welfare in these different areas: individually, family life and the workplace, enriching the quality of people’s lives in all their interactions with the environment.


Design, along with the needs of each era, accompany the evolution of our world and society. These two phenomena go hand in hand enriching one another, all that is needed is the vision to capture and translate it into something physical.


When I design I have two basic concepts in mind: sustainability and innovation, as innovation modifies culture and is its main cause. I combine the two to create a good design that involves a new step towards the progress of our society. My source of inspiration are all the spaces around me, feeding my ideas which are reflected on paper.


If you need vision, I'm your person 

Carmen SG

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