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Exibitor sunglasses for 24seven.



Furniture projects
Ópticas San Gabino




Lighting Project
"Lampómpara Basica"


The  Basic Lampómpara where pure areas and the cable play with different light, casting different shadows in the room. Is the closest to the pure bubble concept

(registered product).

Lighting Project
"Lampómpara Gijarro"



The Lampómpara Pebble where colored stones are placed in its inside adding to the earlier effect a smattering of color.

(registered product)

Lighting Project
"Lampómpara Shadows"

The Lampómpara Shadows contains within it some colored filters resulting in indirect light projections and winding shadows.

(registered product)

Lighting Project
"Lampómpara Fusion"

The Fusion Lampómpara where all the features of her sisters are combined to obtain a visual effect of curious lighting contrasts and textures.

Children books "Kikatos"


The target audience is 6 to 9 year old children
This furniture is designed for exclusive use of children as it offers this shelf:
Modify the environment: Because of its modularity allows you to put the pieces to your liking.
Play, build: Thanks to the available joining parts, it allows mounting parts together or on their own.
It also helps the child to express their creativity, besides learning the relationship between spatial things, as this stage is one of continuous learning and where they begin to form their personality.
(registered product)

Bank Draft "GENTJOVÉ"

It is a bank whose target audience is young people.

It emerged from the study of young people and how they interact with the environment, in this case: there way of sitting and moving around the city.

 (registered product)

Furniture Project

This  unit gets its inspiration from the dressing table by Gio Ponti “Toilete Table” and is an exclusive furniture for 102 Velazquez housing project
This furniture is inspired by Gio Ponti’s vanity table "Toilete Table", an upscale housing project for 102 Velazquez

Table Garden Project

Garden table made of concrete with a double function: garden table or playing board.


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