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Interior Design, Stores, Stands, Urban Interventions.

 Sales Pais Newspaper
Charity Sales ABC Newspaper
San Isisdro Auditory Center
24Seven Showroom


Vitra Ballroom




Loft concept



Living night & day


Proposal Design Stand 


Shop concept  for 24seven






Proposal Design Stand for 24seven


New concept for San Gabino Ópticas Interior


The need for a new look, along with a large exhibition space and lighting in accordance with the value proposition of the establishment, resulted in this edgy and modern concept that encompasses all proposed requirements.




Beach House

The intention of this design is to remove the barriers between the outside and the inside, making the interior and exterior merge, in order to create a sense of freedom, spaciousness without visual obstacles.

Proposal Made For Chain 100 Montaditos.

(work selected from the 3 finalists)


This is a stand that allows placement anywhere in the city such as squares, parks, fairs ...

To make the chain 100 Montaditos more accessible to the public

Frelanze work for a student of IED

Proposal Design Stand Ibiza / Formentera Berlin 2014
Velazquez Housing Project-concept 102 cells Housing / Lawyer´s Office


Following a brainstorming we realized that a lawyer is related to the cells of the jail and giving a twist to this word we get to the word "celdillas". Also is one of the best structures made

by nature.

A honeycomb is characterized as a working community and really organise.

Therefore the cell concept is based on the structure and order that transmit the hexagonal shapes.

Madrid Project Stand

Skyline Concept

Second proposal for Expo Shanhai 2010.


10 minutes to walk througt "Gran Via"

Is the recreation of a part of Madrid, the intention of this project is try to make the visitors travel for a while to the city of Madrid. 

Stand Project

Concept Transformer
First proposal for Expo Shanhai 2010
It is a central body (fixed) and 5 screens (mobiles) that are deconstructed so giving the possibility to create different spaces.




Urban Intervention

"City of Light and Shadows"

(project carried 2008/2009)


The name of the streets always has a reason, this

project is the research of the name of a

street and make an urban inervención regard to

people who live or pass through there learn a

little more of its history.

Urban Intervention

Mucho + Mayo


Canoes House.

This project involves the rehabilitation of a canoes house as a holiday home.

Workshop Green Spot

Grid Project Change


Try to reuse grids and underground parking meters, for possible rehabilitation and maintenance of unused space to visually improve the environment and social welfare.


Selected work to expose in Shanghai expo 2010.

Proposal Design For Small Study Industrial Design

Proposal  selected for the food chain: 100 Montaditos. Finalist project 2010 Madrid.



Stand for ARCO

Mayfly Library


The intention of this project is to create a network of timber that would allow a sense of privacy in such a busy area as this show, but never to get away from the outside.

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